Pros and Cons of WordPress

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Personal Response

The information I have gathered from each of these websites, has been quite helpful to me because each of them has said almost the same thing. Just starting on WordPress, I am not very familiar with the difficulties of how to use this website builder. However after reading these articles I know to look out for the trickiness of Custom Layouts as well as the overall Updating; the rest is rumored to be fairly simple to use. As I began WordPress I noticed how easy setting up my account was and how smoothly the transition from filling out information to starting the actual webpage went. I also found that the diversity between beginning themes was sort of lacking, but still they satisfied a first choice theme for the website. I am creating this website because my Web Design class is all making their own sites for a grade. I hope to use this website to receive good grades in this class as well as learn how WordPress works for possible future needs. The purpose of this website is to follow the directions given correctly for WordPress Wednesdays and to get a good grade each time I do so, another reason for my website is to learn how to maneuver WordPress so I can use it to help me grow with my Web design class and skills on how a website is build and what it needs. So far, I have already learned a few major details to a website I didn’t really know such as the many varieties of themes, the way that each individual website has a different address and that WordPress allows constructing a website to be very easy to customize. Overall I think WordPress is going to be helpful and simple to navigate on my journey through creating a website.


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