Inserting Images



“Images and visuals are one of the primary ways for us to communicate information now.  We need to take a step back from the text and think more about the visual.”

This statement reflects onto the use of technology in our time with texts and social media, stating that we often use pictures to talk back and fourth to one another. I think this quote shows how the use of more images can help people to better understand others wanted messages as well as the use of images give the viewer more satisfaction to be able to see a thought come to life. Taking a step back to look at a picture is also implying that we should take a break from our text messages to look around at the visuals instead of having to imagine words into constant pictures.


By shrinking the picture the detail on the wheels and other parts of the car become more difficult to see or the words harder to read. Although the colors do not change, the smaller the image the easier to look at the background. To my eyes the trees in the background seem to get darker and more clear to look at. With the sunlight on them in all the pictures they are hard to distinguish from one another in the large visual, however as the size is changed to a more petite image the ability to pick out individual trees gets easier. Other than those differences I believe the picture stays very identical through all the size changes.

The Joy of Visual Pictures

While picking out an image for this post I felt Joy in knowing I would have the ability to share the picture that I was thinking of with the peers around me. Simply stating “69 Impala” might not give everyone reading the same feeling if there is a picture to show what I am thinking. Book covers show a small front cover to help the author push their imagined character or setting, although they are also greatly described by words, the front cover always sets the main theme or starts the visual for the book. Placing the image in my blog brought a feeling of joy because the thoughts in my head are carried on to whoever reads this and looks at the image.



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