Using WordPress Pages

The Future of Using Pages

Today I explored the use of not using constant blog posts but also publishing pages. I think that I like the format and look of pages more than the blog posts simply because they are more organized. Hopefully in the future of this Website I will use more pages to help not only me navigate through the site but for any possible viewers to find where they want to go.

The Power in WordPress vs. Dreamweaver

Through the use of WordPress I feel my website becoming more personal than I have seen with Dreamweaver.  Using WordPress is a much easier and more put-together process than trying to figure out each individual code and detail with Dreamweaver. When creating a website in the future I will most likely use WordPress instead

The Pain in WordPress vs. Dreamweaver

While using WordPress iv’e noticed that there are a limited amount of design tools, you can place the order of pages yet you cannot make them as personalized as you could with Dreamweaver. There is also a limited amount of page and website themes to use to customize the website. I think if you are looking for a challenging way to create a very detailed and custom website, Dreamweaver is the way to go. However if your goal is to simply create a good looking and simple website to get your point or blog out there, WordPress is the best option.


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