Categories & Tags

How I will use categories and tags-

I plan to use many tags in all my posts as well as hopefully using a few large categories to help my website be navigable. I think that the use of categories in a website cleans up the searching and digging, and so, in my site I will be sure to help my audience find the information they are searching for.  I plan to have two to four tags eventually in my site to hold a vast amount of information and opinion. For tags, I will have at least five for each post or page, hopefully I can find a few more than but I am not going to force tags that are unnecessary.

So far…add-category-to-page-wordpress

In my current blog posts I have one personal category named WordPress and on each post I have many unique tags such as images, hyperlinks, pages, pros, and cons etc. All of the posts contain different content making almost all of the tags different. However because my posts are all related to WordPress and in the same category, they have many similar tags.

The importance –

Inserting tags and categories into a website help the reader to find a specific post or information in a large and widespread website. Categories help divide a website into different parts for the reader to pick from; if a website had a lot of information and posts all smashed into one category and without any tags, one would have to individually read and inspect each post. The help of categories and tags in tremendous because without them websites would be a disaster. Tags are more defined categories specific to a post instead of a group of posts, helping narrow down a search for one particular piece of data.



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