My favorite themes:

  1. Scratchpad
  2. Gatewayscratchpad
  3. Sela
  4. Twenty Fifteen
  5. Intergalactic

Challenges with Themes

While navigating through the vast amount of themes, I found my biggest difficulty to be picking a theme. There are so many great and unique choices that make picking just one so hard. Once I had picked one another difficulty was with the differences between “Live Demo” and “Try and Customize”. The two are similar with the fact that they both show a preview but “Live Demo” only shows you a preset look instead of showing your blog with the theme.

What is Appealing?

When I see a good theme I see a strong header, I think of a good picture or color contrast to catch the audiences eye. I also see good organization in a good theme. If the theme doesn’t work well with multiple posts or pages and they sit out in the open instead of under tabs or links, I don’t really think it looks all that appealing. The theme I choose, Eighties, has a really bold heading to catch the readers attention and I change the image to one that I like so that it also fascinates me. I also saw that with the Eighties theme the menu was unique and fun looking to the audience. Despite the uniqueness this theme was easy to navigate my site with.


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