Web Site Plan

Here is the WebSitePlan I currently have. I have completed the plan and my next step is to begin the actual website.


Categories & Tags

How I will use categories and tags-

I plan to use many tags in all my posts as well as hopefully using a few large categories to help my website be navigable. I think that the use of categories in a website cleans up the searching and digging, and so, in my site I will be sure to help my audience find the information they are searching for. Read More

Using WordPress Pages

The Future of Using Pages

Today I explored the use of not using constant blog posts but also publishing pages. I think that I like the format and look of pages more than the blog posts simply because they are more organized. Hopefully in the future of this Website I will use more pages to help not only me navigate through the site but for any possible viewers to find where they want to go.

The Power in WordPress vs. Dreamweaver

Read More

Pros and Cons of WordPress


Helpful Webpages

Personal Response

The information I have gathered from each of these websites, has been quite helpful to me because each of them has said almost the same thing. Just starting on WordPress, I am not very familiar with the difficulties Read More

My Website

This website I have created, is intended to find the pros and cons of using WordPress instead of other competitors of making a personal website. I am using this in my Web Design class and each week a new post will come on the different aspects of WordPress.